About Us

Who is Bia Brazil Activewear?

Founded in 1994, in the city of Porto Alegre, by Beatriz Willhelm Dockhorn, Rio Grande do Sul, Bia Brazil was created to supply a need of the market and of the founder: authentic pieces for sports that combine beauty, comfort and functionality. Just two years after its foundation, the brand was already shipping its first export order, becoming the first Brazilian micro company to export. Since then, the presence in the foreign market has only increased, and today it can be found in more than 60 countries and being the largest exporter of activewear clothing in Brazil.


Combining design, technology, performance and comfort, we seek to provide contemporary women with clothes that not only help them in their sports performance but also increase their self-confidence, stimulating them more and more to move their bodies towards a happier and healthier life.


Our mission is to promote quality of life by encouraging the practice of physical activities.


Thanks to its notorious export trajectory, Bia Brazil won several awards

2005: Entrepreneurial Talents in the Export Segment. 2006: Entrepreneurial Talents in the Export Segment and “Competitive Brazil Movement”. 2007: ADVB Export. 2008: ADVB export. 2010: In 2010, Bia Brazil was one of the three finalists, alongside Natura and Boticário, in the APEX-Brasil Award, Best International Brand Action category. 2011: ADVB Marketing Highlight. 2015: ADVB Textile Segment and RS Gold Exporter 2015. 2016: ADVB Marketing Highlight and “Honor to Merit” Medal, ABIT Export. 2017: Export ADVB. 2018: ADVB export. 2019: Export ADVB. 2020: ADVB Textile Segment and RS Diamond Exporter 2020.





The brand today can be found on all continents, in more than 60 countries

South America: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela and Paraguay. Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico and Honduras. North America: Mexico, United States and Canada. Asia: China, India, Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Russia and Singapore. Middle East: Turkey, Israel and Lebanon. Oceania: Australia, New Zealand and Réunion Island. Africa: South Africa, Namibia and Angola. Europe: Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium and Romania.






We have control of full production process

We are pioneers in the Brazilian fitness segment. Our parts are in different countries of the world but our production is entirely national. We customize our products and more than 95% of our production is made to order, thus generating less waste of resources and greater assertiveness in sales. As a factory, we are aware of our social, environmental and business responsibility. We seek to encourage quality of life, so it is very important for us that our actions benefit society in a collective and sustainable way.